Executive Team
Dhiraj Jaiswal  -   Founder & Managing Director.
Dinesh Jaiswal -   President.
Jithesh Nair      -   CEO / Vice-President.
Keshav Prasad -   Director of Information and Technology.

Dhiraj Jaiswal
Founder, MD.

Dhiraj Jaiswal is the Founder and Chairman of CATT Inc. A well renowned visionary, global business leader and thinker, he uses a simple yet extensive management model to create value which promotes entrepreneurship, focus on the customer needs and the constant pursuit of excellence in the Information technology sector.

He is passionate about developing leaders within his organization and has conceptualized the Full Life Cycle Leadership System which develops leaders at all levels of CATT Inc. His keen understanding of IT and Institution Building has enabled him to contribute to the policy formulation in many business houses.

Dhiraj also serves on the boards of several Educational, Research and Non-profit Institutions. He tirelessly creates greater social equity and generates opportunities for underprivileged through its institution CATT Inc Educational Society and giving opportunities to thousands of students to mold their career in Information Technology sector. He holds a Bachelor degree in Science from Osmania University in India .

Dinesh Jaiswal

Dinesh Jaiswal is the Co-Founder of CATT Inc. He is the key promoter and serves as President. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and through effective leadership and vision, he has ensured steady growth.

His vision was to make CATT Inc a global player to provide International quality standard solutions in software, technical consulting, e-solutions and IT enabled services. In a very short span of eight years, CATT Inc has expanded its new offices in New York , New Jersey , Wisconsin and Toronto serving thousand of clients from various industries.

Mr.Dinesh Jaiswal articulated, designed and implemented the global delivery model, which has become the foundation for the success of IT outsourcing from India .

Jithesh Nair

As CEO of CATT Inc, Mr. Jithesh Nair brings energy, vibrancy and vigor through his proactive approach towards the organization. His exemplary behavior sets a unique example for the team and his successful forays include penetrating the European and US markets.

Involved as primary on-site functional lead during the analysis, planning, design, development, and implementation stages of projects. Involved in all aspects of the product development lifecycle such as business requirements, functional specifications, architectural specifications, development, test plans, and documentation. He experienced at Identifying and prioritizing the overall business and service quality issues. His involvement and skills at the SEPG level helped the organization to anticipate and address the quality issues at the organization level.

His intellectual and collaborative nature brings harmony among employees, which helps to maintain collaborative team environment within the organization. He is acquainted with how to convert innovations into actions within the organization. His ultimate vision is to make CATT Inc a billion dollar company. A graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree, Mr. Jithesh Nair also holds a Master of Computer Application.

Keshav Prasad
Director IT.

Mr. Keshav Mallikarjun Prasad has held a wide variety of senior positions within CATT Inc at different levels of management and brings with him over 15 years of experience in IT industry. He has high-level responsibility for understanding, planning, and leading the delivery of Technology solutions on client projects.

His expertise in the area of Software Quality systems and bringing continuous improvement in quality & productivity in the area of Software Development helped to drive the process to improve product quality. He drives internal quality teams for process audits and implementation of quality tools to achieve highest level client satisfaction.

He has been involved in developing and implementing strategic solutions related to different divisions of CATT Inc to achieve their goals. His knowledge & experience in the project management areas helped the organization to attain success in multiple business segments.

With his strategic vision, he is always focused on delivering high quality customer services to meet their different business standards. He holds Masters in Technology in Computer Science and Masters in Electronics from the premier institutes in the country.