Meet Our Minds

Kishore set an example for the larger engineering team making them more accountable and cohesive. He designed the product infrastructure, prioritized and distributed tasks, and coached other team members to help keep them on track.
Anil is a very professional, highly skilled and serious Delphi professionist. He works very well with passion, sympathy and enthusiasm.
Qadeer approach to problem solving is structured and sensible, and he'll never promise anything he can't deliver.
Madhan is an excellent well-round developer, equally comfortable with graphic design, programming or database development. He is savvy about usability issues and able to keep customer needs at the forefront of development considerations.
Sudhakar is very well versed in .NET development. He has demonstrated in-depth knowledge of .NET and SQL Server. He is technically competent and has a great personality in the office.
Suresh is very knowledgeable, thorough and easy to work with. He stays on top of projects and tasks, and communicates effectively across the organization
Pawan is a ultimate team player, always glad to step in and help a teammate in need. He is willing to work in any shift, weekend or holiday.
Srinivas is one of the most talented web developer & most updated person when the subject is UI Design & development.
Venkata is a very talented designer, his unique eye has made him a customer favorite. Personable, dedicated and a team player, he is an invaluable asset.
Ashok enjoy taking on different challenges in programming. He have a good amount of experience in mobile development, web development, database applications, and more!
Sankarshana willingness to push the boundaries of technology and his tenacity to follow through with his ideas makes him a asset to our innovative organization.
Ravi is a very strong DBA/Programmer who goes out of his way to find ways to meet the crazy demands of his Clients.
Ajay has great technical skills as well as being an excellent team mate. He is always trying to find the optimum solutions to every problem.
SuriBabu brought valuable experience and expertise in Microsoft Sharepoint & SQL Server technology, as well as great personality and lots of enthusiasm.
Janardhan is a great asset to the team and always a person that could be counted on. He is an exceptionally skilled DBA with the ability to provide professional database expertise across multiple platforms.
Chandra demonstrates diligence and conscientiousness in his work. He is a consistent and committed specialist; he deepens and strengthens his knowledge in practice.
Ranjan is very consistent in estimating and delivering projects accurately. He is thorough in his work and has great pride in the code he develops.
Ali is an analytic and conscientious database specialist. His perseverance and knowledge made it possible for our client to pull together some incredibly disparate and orthogonal datasets and wrangle them into a highly usable repository.
Ramanjaneyulu is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, and how to get it done quickly and effectively.
Swathi in-depth knowledge of PHP development & architecture is unmatched.
Ram is a great asset on any project. His breadth of knowledge is impressive.
Rajesh love creating maintainable and well tested web applications, working with developers and stakeholders, and using the best development methodologies and techniques to give the business software that is built to last.
Ramesh consistently provides clean, eye-catching graphic designs.
Rajesh is an outstanding individual to deal with. He is extremely organized and has a great methodical approach to any task at hand.